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Color is a powerful element in interior decoration that can be very inspiring and for a simple and ordinary atmosphere, a special atmosphere and an attractive look ... When deciding to design a home decoration, it is likely to come up with a variety of methods. take. You can choose simple objects and colors or use attractive patterns and magnificent backgrounds to decorate your home. However, color is a powerful element in interior decoration that can be very inspiring and for space. Simple and ordinary specialties create a charming effect, especially when the colors are used in interior and exterior decoration of the house. Color psychology is a great way to create a healthy and beautiful home. Here are 20 ways to use the psychology of colors in home decoration.

1. Create illusion in space with bright colors in decoration design:

If you want your home to look bigger than it really is, we recommend using bright, vibrant colors such as yellow and oval skin to expand the interior and exterior of your home. As a warning, it is necessary to tell you not to use white in this case, because this color, although adding to space, can not be as effective as the color of the tint (bright colors of one color). . 2. Use of dyed colors in decoration design:

As much as possible, try to use dual-colored and dual-colored dual-colored dyes instead of simple colors that are described in their names. In this case, your home decoration will be more professional and unique, for example, green or white okra

3- Appear in the design of your kitchen decoration with the help of red color:

It has been shown that red causes appetite in most people, and this is one of the most important reasons most restaurants use red in a lot of their decorations. Therefore, we recommend to increase the appetites of children and family members. Use the red color in your kitchen decoration; you can match it with window shutters and beige cabinets, for example.

  4- Painting Hall of Expectation in Decoration Design:

Match the coloration of the waiting room and the entrance to the house in a way that paints the interior and the interior decoration; one of the best ways to give your guests a sense of surprise is that for the color of your home decor decoration, the original color of the decoration Make your home with the original color of your home decoration or put some of the original home decoration color into your entry decoration, which can have a great impact on people when you arrive.

5. In the winter, decorate your home with colors:

Use the red, orange and yellow colors to decorate your home interior, especially in the winter, warm your home and warm your guests warmly. If you plan to sell your home in winter, be sure to keep that in mind and act accordingly.

 6. Cool the interior decoration of your home space in the summer with cool colors.

Along the lines of the same warm colors in the fall, cool colors, especially blue, can show your home in a cool, cool summer. If you plan to do your house painting project in the summer, be sure to use cool colors in Be careful.

 7. Use the colors you remember to design your decoration:

Color psychologists believe that if individuals use colors that remind them of their childhood and have good memories of them at home, especially in the kitchen, that color can be a recipe for memories and a pleasant mood and mood. For that space. If you can not remember the colors of a home you've had in your childhood, know that the combination of red and yellow can be a good mix for your kitchen.

8. Use relaxing colors to design relaxation spaces.

Cool and gentle colors for spaces like the bedroom can create a comfortable and soothing atmosphere. For such spaces, use a variety of blue, green, and even violet colors to help you calm down. If you use this technique, you need to know what the color you choose is darker, its effect will be clearer.

9- By combining different scenarios in your decoration design, have a cute sports room:

Although it may look like an energetic red color for the gym, it is actually a lot of red in the exercise room that can be too warm and annoying. It is recommended to paint the walls of the exercise room with a combination of Use a balanced combination of yellow and blue. Also, if you want a cool and soothing atmosphere in the gym, the combination of green and blue can be the right option for you.

10. If you have high blood pressure, keep your color red in your decoration design:

Although red in the kitchen decoration will increase appetite, the darker spectrum will also increase blood pressure. People who have a blood pressure disease are not advised to use this color, especially its dark spectrum. Such people, if they have a great deal of interest in red, should be better off than the lighter ones.

 11-Use a familiar color in the design of the toilet decoration, make yourself more lovely:


Note that if there is a color that you tend to buy most of your costumes in color, we recommend using the same color for the bathroom, or if you hate the color, do not wear any clothes to it, never use it for Do not use sanitary decoration. You expect the furniture to feel good when you look at the mirror in the bathroom, and the color that reflects on your image in the mirror can greatly contribute to this feeling. .

12- Focusing in the work room with green color:

The green color in the workroom decoration makes your focus on what you're doing multiplying and, as a result, speeds up your work and you can spend more minutes with your family members. The walls with mild greenery Colorize and place other harmonious colors in the decoration. Be careful not to turn your work room into a forest with excessive use of the green spectrum.

13. Use caution in decorative decoration design:

Although the violet and purple colors are symbols of health and romantic feelings, but this color is not much in nature, it only has a decorative and artistic side. If you really want this color in your decoration, just use some of it along with the strong natural colors like yellow and green.

14. Use a brown color to create a natural look in the design of the home decoration:

If you have a wood or leather effect and want to decorate your home with a natural effect, use a brown color in your home decoration. However, brown color may cause depression in some people.

 15. The black color is not only suitable for the decoration design for the teenagers:

You can, if you like, use black on white at any time at home. The only problem with using black in decoration is that it makes the space look tighter. One of the great ideas for a black-and-white bedroom decoration is to paint the ceiling of the room in black and use a stellar lighting on the ceiling. In this case, you will have a décor with the background and theme of the night.

  16. Use pink color in decoration design to achieve relaxation in the meditation room:

If you are lucky enough to be able to place your own space in your own home into the meditation room or focus, then the best and most appropriate color for this space is pink. Most sports clubs use this color in their cloakroom to compensate for the energy shortage of people who go to work after changing their clothes to relax and calm down.

 17- Yellow in the design of the decoration of the color of optimism and vitality:

The yellow is the sun and can turn the space into a sunny and warm environment, and as you can guess, you can have a very good color for the sun. We recommend that you use yellow in the decoration of your home's interior to warm the warm welcome of your guests and they can find a clear and positive view of your home.

18. Why in whitewashing bathroom design and whitewashing is often used:

White is not only a symbol of cleanliness and cleanliness, but it is also much easier to clean and clean the tools that are white in color. White color shows any dirt quickly and you can wash it without fear of losing color. And get rid of it and always have a clean and brilliant bathroom.

19. When you are desperate in nature, look at nature:

When you use the psychology of colors to paint your home, remember the nature and inspire it. The colors in nature can be the best guides for choosing the colors in the interior decor.

20. For orange-colored patient or child with asthma:

Orange color can improve lung function and increase energy. A gentle orange can be very useful for people who recover after illness or have lung problems.

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