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Do not plant flowers in the bedroom. Flowers and plants nourish carbon dioxide and annoy you. If you like to have a plant in the room, it is enough for a small plant.

One of the most important feng shui recommendations is the removal of aggregations from our workplace and our lives.
Take care of your decorations and your surroundings and see how much unnecessary stuff you have. You may not seem to appear at all, and the decoration of your workplace and your life will look consistent, but I'll tell you a few places to stay away from them and pay a little more attention: insert into your drawer and dressing room. See how confusing it is.

If you were going to have one of the drawer for a clothing brigade, how much did you observe it? How much do you put up with your clothes? Open your car dashboard. How many unnecessary cassettes have you not listened to for a long time? How much frames and cans are there, receipts of penalties and things like that? Take a look at the house. what's up there? This one probably does not define! If you have a TV station at home, pay attention to it. It may be a video player, DVD player, or so on.
How much do you look around in the dirt and dirt around it? Did you clean your back and below it sometime? What's under your bed? Do you sleep at night at the trash? Get your handbag back and fold out all the contents. What's going on here? Open the drawer of your desk, especially the lower drawer. Take a look at them. If you have a computer, go to different files.
It's better to do this from the drive part. How much do you have bad files, unobtrusive photos, unnecessary documents that can be erased? How much corrosive food you have in the refrigerator? Food or medications that you thought would be a day if they stayed in the refrigerator, but maybe they're already in need of a doctor and hospital, they should be discarded very soon. If you have mirrors in the bathroom, where there is a place for fixing tools, shoulders and the like in the drawer and behind them, it's not too bad to check it.
Unnecessary things can be everywhere. Feng Shui teaches us to understand the value of everything we have. Gathering things around us makes us accustomed to collecting information about our friends, annoying relationships, disturbing friends and incompatible partners in our lives. Start today and you will feel somewhat lightweight decorating around you, which will change your life around you. You can start your suitcase.
After removing unnecessary things in the room decoration, smoke some flush or spade and clean the equipment with a little diluted brine. Placing the right bed or bed is a good thing to have a good sleep. In Feng Shui, there are many recommendations for putting the proper place to sleep, and I'll mention some of them below: never fall asleep to your feet at the entrance to the room. Never fall asleep when you have a lot of books on top of you. Books should be in the bookshelf and the shelves are in place. Empty your bed. Do not let the empty space under the bed become a storage. You sleep at night on these devices, which makes you feel sad.
Keep your sheets tidy. Their color is also important. Blue or dark linens cause the body to cool and deep sleep. If you have trouble waking up in the morning, you should use bright colors. In addition, after washing the sheets, make sure they are clean. The warmth of energy gives them energy and sleep on a clean and smooth bedding is worthwhile to sleep.
If you sleep as much as average, you will spend about a third of your life in sleep. So an important part of your life is sleeping. If you are close to the window, keep at least half a meter away and leave the room open at night.
It does not matter if you live in a warm, cool place, the energy intake window of the room is out, which will weaken your strength. Never walk up the room after bedtime. The clothes that they slept with have absorbed the energy of sleep, which is a cool and quiet energy. You need to move in life after waking up.
So change them. It's best to put on clothes for a long time after putting on their sleepwear to eat the air. If you can give them the sun, that's great.
Do not plant flowers in the bedroom. Flowers and plants nourish carbon dioxide and annoy you. If you like to have a plant in the room, it is enough for a small plant.

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